Sony Trimaster EL PVM-2551MD: 24.5-inch OLED Monitor Designed For The Healthcare Industry

  • Display: 10-bit 24.5-inch OLED
  • Pixel Format: 1920×1080
  • Sub-Pixel Format: RGB Stripe
  • Viewing Angles: 178/178

Sony: With a 10-bit OLED display, the Sony Trimaster EL PVM-2551MD can generate 1024 colors per sub-pixel resulting in a color palette of more than one billion. Accurate color reproduction is critical on a display used for visualization in the healthcare industry.

Sony uses its Super Top Emission (STE) OLED structure to brighten the overall OLED display. With a top emission design light is emitted from the emissive layer (where the organic electroluminescent film is) and travels toward the top or toward the front of the display. The thin film transistor (TFT) layer, which is behind the emissive layer, do not partially block the light resulting in a more efficient display with higher aperture ratios, lower power requirements, and increase OLED lifetimes.

STE one ups a typical top emission structure by utilizing a microcavity structure that is sensitive to the different wavelengths of Red, Green, and Blue. As explained by Sony:

The microcavity structure utilizes light resonance effects between the two electrodes. Red, Green and Blue all have different light wavelengths. Therefore the thickness of the organic film corresponding to each color is adjusted to produce the spectral peak wavelength (the optimum light) for each color. Only light that possesses the same wavelength as the distance between the “cathode electrode semitransparent film” and the “anode electrode reflective film” resonates. Light wavelengths that do not match are weakened. As a result, the spectrum of the extracted light is sharpened while brightness and color purity are enhanced. This ensures the strongest light from each color.

The Sony Trimaster EL PVM-2551MD will be available this month. Priced at ¥980,000.