Find What Works By Finding Out What Doesn’t

Brittany Ancell at 99%:

While it was theoretically nice to have less stuff taking up both mental and physical space in my work area, I eventually moved toward the middle ground of incorporating a few items back into the mix. There’s a vast difference between a functional, uncluttered workspace and complete minimalism […]

Key phrases from Patrick Rhone at Minimal Mac:

  • the goal is to find the right balance
  • one might have to push beyond their comfort zone
  • you will find what works by finding out what doesn’t

For me, less is almost always more. With less I can focus and focus is required to put into words what’s in my head. But there is a limit to less. I need my fountain pen because the friction between nib and paper somehow works for me. The photos were taken with an iPhone and it’s usually attached to the MacBook Pro, propped up by a Glif, and connected to an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. This setup works really well for me since I can quickly respond to messages. The LEGO sports car I put together is a nice visual distraction. Oh, and I need something to drink, preferably coffee.