“Never let the baby see you sweat.”

Trent Walton:

I noticed something interesting the day I was confined to just 13” of screen space. Even though I couldn’t see everything I needed to operate and reference at once, I became more focused. Only seeing one window at a time enabled me to mentally hunker down on the task at hand. My actions felt purposeful; my decisions, deliberate. Surprisingly, my productivity didn’t suffer. I did slow down, but also experienced a calm efficiency—similar to that which is required when fastening the innumerable rows of snaps on a screaming baby’s pajamas. If you rush, you’re going to mess up; if you miss snaps, it’s going to take longer. And rushing makes you sweat. Never let the baby see you sweat.

Walton usually does his design work on a 27-inch iMac but it broke down for a day. Going from a 27-inch LCD with 2560×1440 pixels down to a 13-inch with much less could be limiting. And that’s exactly what happened: he was forced to limit his focus on the task at hand one task at a time. In his post he shares more secrets to his unitasking success.