“Do customers really need a new iPad each year?”

That’s one of ten reasons Don Reisinger at eWeek raised as to why Apple’s iPad 3 might face trouble at launch. The Macalope responds:

Does everyone buy a new Mac every year? No. Do Macs still sell well every year? Yes. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

That was number four. Reisinger’s number six:

Consumers Are Looking for Bigger Displays

He’s referring to the bigger 10.1-inch displays. What sayeth The Macalope?

The screen on the iPad is 9.7 inches. The Macalope defies Don to find a meaningful collection of consumers who would buy an Android tablet over an iPad because of a 0.4-inch difference in the screen size.

There’s eight more where that came from; be sure to check it out.