HP: Large Affordable Flexible OLED Displays

HP (PDF) via OLED-Info.com:

In summary, a novel method has been demonstrated to fabricate flexible AMOLED displays by integrating a flexible AM backplane with a μOLED based frontplane using an alignment-free direct lamination method. The AM backplane is fabricated using R2R SAIL processing on a flexible polyimide substrate with a thickness of 50 μm. The bonding process has been developed and shows great compatibility with both the frontplane and the backplane. Although our first AMOLED demonstrator built with such a method requires further optimization, the feasibility to fabricate low-cost AMOLED displays in a simple way has been proven.

This process by HP solves the problem of aligning large flexible OLED displays unto large flexible substrates. A μOLED frontplane made of polyethylene erephthalate (PET) is directly laminated unto an active matrix flexible backplane made of polyimide. If this process can be easily and cheaply applied to current mass manufacturing techniques we can look forward to affordable and large flexible OLED displays.