Clutter Can Kill Creativity And Innovation

Jonathan Fields writing for Unclutterer:

Over the years, I’ve noticed a strong connection between the state of my physical space and my ability to do high-level creative work. When my space is in disarray, my thoughts are generally also in disarray. I can still function, I can come up with ideas, write decent-enough content and solve-problems. But, I always know that I’m not operating anywhere near my true potential.

After reading Patrick Rhone’s Simplicity, Clutter, Compassion, & Love I was compelled to rethink how I go about simplifying, decluttering, having a bit more compassion and love. And after Fields’ article, I did what I had to do: dishes and vacuum. I feel better now and am ready for some creative work. At the moment I’m listening to the Episode 14 – Don’t worry. Do. podcast recommended by Rhone.