“E-ink feels peaceful to me.”

John Gruber at Daring Fireball:

E-ink feels peaceful to me. The Kindle doesn’t feel like a computer. It feels — not to the touch but to the eyes and mind — like a crudely-typeset and slightly smudgily-printed paper book. That’s a good thing. Battery life is un-computer-like as well: Amazon measures e-ink Kindle battery life in months, and they’re not joking. It’s a surprise when the Kindle actually needs a charge. I was a doubter until I owned one, but now I’m convinced that e-ink readers have tremendous value even in the post-iPad world.

That’s some praise. A display technology that can conjure up feelings of peace. The new Kindle Touch e-reader Amazon announced today sports a 6-inch 16-level grayscale 600×800 E Ink display with a multitouch layer. The resolution is just 167 ppi, but I have no doubt E Ink displays will only get better and at some point will challenge real paper for how comfortable it is to read off of: imagine an E Ink display that pushes 300 ppi.

Already it feels like “a crudely-typeset and slightly smudgily-printed paper book” to Gruber. I’d say that’s off to a good start.