A Teardrop Design iPhone 5

John Gruber at Daring Fireball:

But here’s the thing: Something about this design seems wrong to me. The proportions seem off. Wouldn’t a teardrop body feel weirdly unbalanced when held horizontally? Look at MacRumors’s mockup of this purported design. It strikes me as ungainly that the “forehead” is smaller than the “chin” on the front face. On all previous iPhones the forehead and chin are the same size, which makes the iPhone look “right” no matter how it’s oriented. This iPhone seems like something that would only look right or feel right when held in portrait.

I absolutely agree that a non-symmetrical design in landscape or portrait orientation would go against Apple’s design ethos for iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

We do a lot of things with iOS devices in both landscape and in portrait orientations. Most gaming are done in landscape and that’s why unlike most Android smartphones the top and bottom bezels are identical in thickness and quite thick to boot: you need some space for your thumbs to hold the iPhone. And since most of us have thumbs that are about the same size it makes sense to design the bezels to be of equal thickness. Some concept designs of future iPhones showing a thinner top bezel is just wrong.