iOS 5: Camera

Some nifty tips using the camera on iOS 5. To reveal the camera shortcut button next to the unlock slider double-tap the home button. I use the camera a lot and most of the time I’m under pressure to capture something within a few seconds. I know a second push of the home button isn’t that much but wish it was there all the time. Once running, you’ll see subtle but cool enhancements to the camera app.

Now you can lock both the exposure and focus by tap and holding, which is great for recomposing shots. Once those photos are taken you can get to the camera roll two ways: the camera roll button or by swiping right, a more intuitive and convenient way. But it doesn’t work if you used the camera shortcut, for security reasons. The last feature I’d like to mention is editing. It’s now possible right inside the camera app: crop, rotate, auto-enhance, etc. And don’t worry, edits seem to be non-destructive as you can revert to the original. Neat stuff.