Lytro Camera

Dante Cesa, Engadget:

For now, it really is just a novel toy. […] but mark our words — when Lytro integrates this kind of tech into a larger, more potent shooter: game over.

I’d like to see shoot first, focus later on video, too.

Update: Marco Arment:

It’s hard enough for many of us to justify anything between a smartphone and a DSLR today, but with a high-end compact, you could at least say that the photos are better quality than the phone’s. If the Lytro can’t produce better photos than the phone, it won’t matter that you can refocus them later.

Update 2012.04.18: via Marco Arment. Ben, Camera Curiosities:

If you think of it as a regular camera, it’s a disappointment. If you think of it as an amazing photographic novelty, it’s a blast.