HP ZR2740w

Simon Baker, TFT Central:

Overall I think the screen fits a niche reasonably well as a standard gamut 27″ IPS display with a matte panel coating. It fits somewhere in between the Dell and Hazro models in terms of functions and features as well so its worth considering if you are looking for a new 27″ monitor.

Update 2012.03.17: Chris Heinonen, AnandTech:

In the end, HP made some sacrifices with the ZR2740w to get to the sub-$700 price point, but they didn’t really sacrifice performance in the process. Short on inputs and features but long on performance, the HP ZR2740w LCD hits a new price point for high resolution 27” displays and hopefully signals the beginning of a shift in pricing for these monitors. If all you really want is a good display for your PC and you don’t need to hook up multiple devices, the ZR2740w is an excellent choice. For such users we recommend it with very few reservations and present HP with our Bronze Editors’ Choice award.

HP focused all of its attention on the display itself, and on not much else, to bring to market a solid 27-inch 2560×1440 IPS LCD monitor for less than US$700. Just bear in mind the HP ZR2740w is not for color professionals.