Lumia 800: No Noise

Dan Frommer, SplatF:

So pretty much everyone — especially the carriers — rewrote their strategies around Android, and, when available, the iPhone. And so far, Microsoft has not offered anything compelling enough to disrupt that balance. It doesn’t seem to be attacking at either the high- or low-end of the market, or have any noticeably distinct strategy yet. It’s just there, not really making much noise.

Rewrote strategy? Carriers are in the business of offering subsidized phones and then attaching as much voice, text, and data plans as possible.

Microsoft’s strategy is to bully itself into a market with cold hard cash: the browser and search being two good examples. And now phones, with a massive infusion of financial capital into Nokia.

Microsoft did whatever was necessary to obliterate Netscape Navigator. Microsoft pays you to search on Bing. If Microsoft is serious about phones it should hand out the Nokia Lumia 800 for free to grab unit share, mind share, and then do what it does best: sell operating systems (Windows) and business software (Office). That’ll make some noise.