The Best Piece of Anti-distraction Software

Ryan Cumley, NumbersForStartups Blog:

That said, I have found some genuine value to exchanging my usual laptop setup for the iPad.

Mostly it comes from the clarity / elimination of B.S. that forced minimalism can bring to you.

Forcing non-essentials out brings in focus, on non-B.S. things. Cumley continues:

I find myself markedly more deliberate in my actions, focused on completing the short list of productive things I have to do, and less prone to distraction.

Shawn Blanc comments on Cumley’s last quote:

This is something that I’ve found true of working on my iPad as well. Last summer I touted iOS as the best piece of anti-distraction software I own.

OS X Lion has been injected with a bit of iOS and I feel the result is a less distracting experience.