Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble: The Nook Tablet makes use of a 7-inch IPS LCD. IPS is a good start. B&N states 16 million colors but that can mean either an 8-bit panel or a 6-bit plus FRC. The later is more likely since it’s considerably less costly to manufacture.

The 1024×600 pixel format is decidedly yesterday; it should be 1280×800, especially if you’re pushing any HD content as a reason to buy this thing. The resolution therefore is weak too: 169 ppi.

The best part of the viewing experience on the Nook Tablet might be the fully laminated touch layer with no air gaps with little to no refractions. Unfortunately, glare is prominently displayed.

At US$249 the Nook Tablet is $50 more expensive than the Kindle Fire. For that extra $50 you get 16GB of internal storage instead of 8GB. You can pre-order now and will be available on November 18.