LG P330: Bezels Thin, But Not Really Thin

Innomart (Korean): The LG P330 packs a 13.3-inch LCD with ‘narrow’ bezels. The top bezel is 17-mm thick while the sides are slimmer at 11 mm. LG claims the thin bezels allow it to incorporate a 13.3-inch LCD into a 12-inch chassis.

That might sound great, but it isn’t. The side bezels on my enormous 17-inch MacBook Pro is 13 mm. That’s from the edge of the pixels to the edge of the aluminum chassis. The top bezel? Just 14 mm. The top bezel on the 17-inch MBP is 3-mm thinner while the side bezels are only 2-mm thicker. And the MacBook Pro is a mid-2009 model.

Sharif Sakr at Engadget states that the LG P330 uses an IPS LCD but that is not mentioned anywhere on Innomart’s sales page. That doesn’t necessarily mean the P330 doesn’t use an IPS LCD, but if it was using IPS wouldn’t it be bragged about front and center?

The LG P330 is thin, light, and powerful. Like a proper ultrabook, but the narrow bezel isn’t all that narrow compared to what we already see on a 17-inch MacBook Pro.