The Greatest Commercial of All Time

Steve Jobs, page 164:

So he screened it for the board at its December 1983 meeting. When the lights came back on in the boardroom, everyone was mute. Philip Schlein, the CEO of Macy’s California, had his head on the table. Mike Markkula stared silently; at first it seemed he was overwhelmed by the power of the ad. Then he spoke: “Who wants to move to find a new agency?” Sculley recalled, “Most of them thought it was the worst commercial they had ever seen.” Sculley himself got cold feet. He asked Chiat/Day to sell off the two commercial spots — one sixty seconds, the other thirty — that they had purchased.

The person in charge of the ad was Lee Clow of Chiat/Day and he was the only one whose belief in the ad’s greatness did not waver. This isn’t surprising since the folks on the board were business people not creatives like Clow with Steve Jobs possibly being the only exception who was a bit of both.

Page 165:

It would eventually be selected by both TV Guide and Advertising Age as the greatest commercial of all time.