Header Redux

August 18, 2011:

I’ve removed it. It was redundant. It took up valuable pixels. I couldn’t quite get complete control over it. So it’s gone.

A bit later:

As you can see, with the new Min theme that I developed from the ground up, the DISPLAYBLOG text and home link with space on top and bottom has reappeared.

I was never quite satisfied with that solution. The DISPLAYBLOG text at the top was put back because there wasn’t an intuitive way to get back ‘home’. But then I was tempted to stylize the logo while at the same time wanting to keep it straight text and without tapping third party services like Typekit.

Ben Brooks wrote an article, which prompted me to revisit this topic. He simply removed the logo from the header:

I just like the site without a logo weighing down the top, right or wrong, it’s really that simple.

I’m with Brooks. So here’s what I did. Instead of putting a ‘home’ link on top I decided I’d make use of those red, green, blue dots at the end of every post: They are now linked to ‘home’.

I take it once you’re done reading the post you’re either going to bounce out to another site or click to go to the front page of DisplayBlog. And the three dots linked to the front page is right there waiting for you to click it. I think I’ve finally found the solution to this header conundrum.

Update: As you may have already noticed I’ve gotten rid of the About page. I reduced the text to just, "DisplayBlog is written and produced by Jin Kim." so I thought it a bit too much to have a whole extra page, and a link, to an About page. That’s one. The next bit of change was based on a dislike of visual messiness. The underline under each RGB dot after the article got in the way of the simple, clean look I was going after. So instead of using the RGB buttons as a way to go Home, I decided to link ‘DisplayBlog’ instead. I know all of these changes could get confusing but hopefully once you get used to it it’ll grow on you. Thanks everyone!