Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Tim Stevens, Engadget:

That 8.9-inch display impresses, not with the stunning contrast of Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus displays but still managing to look quite good. As mentioned above the pixel density is slightly higher than on the 10.1, which does give text and other high-contrast shapes a slightly smoother appearance. Viewing angles are good and, overall, this is definitely a top-notch panel in here. Still, we have to wonder why Samsung stuck this with a TFT screen while reserving its especially stunning Super AMOLED Plus display for that mythical no-show, the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

I don’t think Samsung can manufacture 8.9-inch Super AMOLED Plus in significant quantity, yet. And even if Samsung could the manage the volume, larger OLED displays consume considerable power and would last significantly less than comparably-sized LCDs. Unless the UI is completely revamped to be mostly black.