Samsung Unstuck: iPhone 4S Available in South Korea

A senior Samsung executive as quoted by The Korea Times two months ago:

Just after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court here for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents. For as long as Apple does not drop mobile telecommunications functions, it would be impossible for it to sell its i-branded products without using our patents. We will stick to a strong stance against Apple during the lingering legal fights.

A different (?) senior Samsung executive as quoted by The Chosunilbo:

We concluded that we should engage in legal battles with Apple only in the global market, but not in order to gain more market share in Korea.

This is quite interesting. Why wouldn’t Samsung want to keep Apple out of its home turf? Image, a big bad bully image. Not one Apple Store exists in South Korea while there are thousands of Samsung retail stores. Samsung is by far the most dominant brand in South Korea, from DRAM to restaurants, and is increasingly being seen as a bully. If Samsung was the reason the new iPhone 4S couldn’t be bought… well that wouldn’t be good for Samsung.