John Gruber:

Spec-based reviews of computers and gadgets are inherently flawed, a relic of an era that’s already gone.

I agree to some degree. Hardware specifications merely hint at what you can expect in terms of experience. 100 ppi, bad. 200 ppi, good. 300 ppi, great. But we are living at a time where the success of the most influential consumer electronics company, Apple, is firmly based on a relentless pursuit of creating great user experiences. Smart marketeers will naturally shift from focusing on specifications to user experiences; the brilliant will do both.

There is a reason why Steve Jobs pointed out the limits of the human visual system and touted the iPhone 4’s 326-ppi Retina Display. Not all hardware specifications matter, actually most hardware specifications don’t matter much at all, but those that do matter matter quite a bit and make a huge experience difference.

For non-geeks though the only thing that matters is the experience. Watch the iPad ads to see what I mean.