Sony’s Design Problem

via Ben Brooks. Rob Beschizza, Boing Boing:

All of these were nice, high-end computers that could have become great designs if they’d stuck with them. But Sony rarely iterates, even when it’s onto something good. Everything is a one-off.

Taste versus design:

Taste often describes flavors, appearances and forms; it blends into fashion, which spins as fast as people can spend their money. […] Design, however, also concerns itself with function. If a design fails to encompass good taste, the result will be ugly. But if taste fails to encompass good design, it’ll be useless.

Beschizza concludes Apple cares very little about taste. I agree. Apple instead cares deeply about good design and perpetually iterates it toward perfection. And that’s the difference between Sony and Apple. Sony’s designs exhibit long term memory loss; Apple remembers the good stuff, forgets the bad stuff, and keeps at it.