Toshiba Protege Z835: Dire Display

Dustin Sklavos, AnandTech:

None of these notebooks we’ve tested are particularly big winners here, but it’s stunning just how poor the Z830 turns out to be.

Out of nine notebooks:

  • Contrast Ratio: 191:1 (#6)
  • White Level: 195 nits (#7)
  • Black Level: 1.81 nits (#8)
  • Delta E: 2.87 (#6)
  • Color Gamut (Adobe RGB 1998): 39.7% (#7)

The Protege Z835 didn’t come in dead last on any of the comparisons. For instance, the ASUS Zenbook UX21 had horrible black levels at 2.71 nits. Absolutely dead last.

Thankfully viewing angles aren’t completely awful. […] It’s still a pretty lousy screen, but it’ll get the job done at least.

Not if you’re on a plane. A US$879 ultrabook with a lousy screen? Pass.

Update: Dana Wollman, Engadget:

Granted, TN displays in general don’t offer great viewing angles, but they seem particularly narrow here. If you look at the display head-on with the brightness cranked up, you’ll enjoy pleasant colors and crisp-enough detail. Dip the lid forward, though, or watch from the sides and you’ll see the picture become washed out with more severe contrast.