Samsung Galaxy 4.0 / 5.0

David Pierce, The Verge:

Both models have an 800 x 480 screen, which is relatively sharp on the 4.0, with the TFT LCD showing the same bright and vivid colors Samsung’s Galaxy S phones are known for. 800 x 480 looks comically bad blown up to 5 inches, though; everything is enormous, like it’s zoomed in for the partially blind.

The resolution difference is big: 233 v. 187 ppi. Hardware specs matter, especially those of the display, because they have a significant impact on the overall user experience.

Update: Terrence O’Brien, Engadget:

Most of the front of the device is taken up by the four-inch 800 x 480 Super Clear LCD screen which, while not quite as stunning as the Super AMOLED Plus panels on its relatives, is still a pretty decent display. Colors are bright with plenty of eye-popping contrast and viewing angles are excellent, though black levels do leave something to be desired. The WVGA resolution is expected, but still a bit of a letdown. As a device primarily meant for media consumption we’d expect that Sammy would want to deliver the best visuals possible and, although it’s good, it’s not quite great. And the difference between those two things is glaringly obvious when you place the Player 4.0 next to its extremely pixel-dense, Apple-branded competitor. That being said, we did find watching video on the four-inch Samsung much easier on the eyes than squinting at the 3.5-inch panel on Apple’s devices. We still wouldn’t want to sit through a feature length film, but a half-hour episode of 30 Rock was pleasant enough.