iPhone 4S: White Color Temperature, Light Leakage

Joe Pollicino, Engadget:

Upon receiving the unit, it was clear that the new screen had a yellower tint than the cold blue of my 3GS. While a warmer hue could have been good news, this seemed a bit too yellow, making for a sickly, washed-out look that I noticed every time I moved to my iPad 2 and 3GS (it’s not as if you can calibrate these iDevice screens).

I think it’s about time Apple allows access to those parts of iOS so color calibration can become a reality. All of us have preferences for a particular white color temperature. Different folks, different strokes. But there are discreet differences in our general preferences for white color temperatures based on geography, which in turn is based on real temperatures. Folks in cold temperatures generally prefer warmer white colors while those bathing in the sun prefer a slightly cooler color temperature. And then there are millions of gradients within the edges of the white color temperature spectrum based purely on taste.

Color calibration would also be important for anyone who needs accurate colors on their iPhones: photographers, cinematographers, designers, etc. As the camera on the iPhone become more capable in capturing images and videos the need for precise tuning of color becomes more important and more needed.

Oh, and there’s another thing: Pollicino noticed “light leaking through the top of the screen”. That’s unacceptably shoddy quality. His iPhone 4S might have been the few duds that came out of the factory on Monday, but manufacturing tolerances might be in need of tightening.