Acer Iconia Tab A200 Ad

YouTube: I think Acer tried too hard here, and not hard enough. The first unusual thing that caught my eye was why if you want to take your family camping would you bring a tablet. I’m not against taking high-tech gear on camping trips. I completely understand the full-sized DSLR. But a tablet? Do we want junior to be tapping away at a football game on the tablet while camping?

The second thing that caught my eye was the photo at around the :26 mark. I find it difficult to believe the dad took that shot one-handed, with a DSLR. And finally at the :45 mark you see the dad reading a story for the family off the tablet on their big screen TV. But then who is panning out the video?

A B ad, at best.

This Acer Iconia Tab A200 ad is terribly made in my opinion not only because of the many inconsistencies but primarily because it is born of a lack of understand of us, regular people, of what we really want.

Take camping for example. One of the many good reasons why we go camping is to get away from brick and mortar and toward nature. And that means leaving behind a bit of comfort for a bit of adventure. Routine for something new.

I am touched by Apple’s iPad ads, because the guys that make those ads understand people. Sounds hokey, but it’s true. If Acer’s marketing is any indication of the inspiration and thinking that went into the Iconia Tab A200 itself, then I’m not certain it’ll be all that great.