LCD TV: Low Cost Direct Type LED Backlights

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LED backlight penetration in LCD TV panel shipments reached 39% in Q3’11. Penetration is forecast to surpass 50% in Q2’12 and reach 53% in Q3’12. The main drivers for LED backlight penetration include lower power consumption, slimmer form factors, and environmental friendliness (no mercury). Many panel makers are developing low-cost direct type LED backlights, trading off panel thickness for cost, but still gaining the advantages of LEDs. Some panel makers are using direct type LED backlights in new sizes such as 39” and 50” in order to provide value models in developing markets.

Direct type LED backlights are currently associated with higher performance. With hundreds and sometimes thousands of LEDs in direct type LED backlights black levels were deepened and contrast ratio was enhanced through various local dimming technologies.


However, the employment of direct-type LED-backlit technology has brought down LED TV prices, said the sources, adding that the price differences between the mainstream 32-, 40- and 42-inch CCFL and direct-type LED TVs have narrowed to 5%-7% recently. Besides, the CCFL and direct-type LED TVs are now comparable in thickness.

I think TV marketers will emphasize that these LED-backlit LCD TVs are direct type and try to hoodwink potential customers into thinking that they are better than edge type when they are not. The only type of LED-backlit LCD TV worth purchasing is one that has hundreds or thousands of LEDs with local dimming capability that significantly improves contrast.