CineXPlayer 2.5: iOS App with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 / 7.1

Dolby Laboratories has partnered with NXP Software in the latest update to the multi-format iPad/iPhone movie app CineXPlayer 2.5 with support for the AC3 codex including Dolby Digital Plus 5.1/7.1. AC3 is the audio codex used for the majority of DVDs. CineXPlayer 2.5 is Dolby’s first entrance into the iOS app world; you can’t get this on any other iOS app.

Movies can be directly imported from the Camera Roll or Dropbox without syncing to a computer. If you want to use a computer, like I did, importing videos is simple, direct, and does not require syncing. Once your iPhone is connected and iTunes is running, go to the Apps tab, then go all the way down until you see File Sharing. You’ll see CineXPlayer, click it, and on the right you’ll see CineXPlayer Documents. Go all the way down, find the Add… button and click it. Choose the video you want and import starts instantly.

I was able to import Ghost In The Shell in M4V format quickly sans syncing. Atlas Shrugged in AVI imported and played back without a hitch. The movies went straight to the CineXPlayer app. I also synced Ghost In The Shell the normal way and tested the difference between CineXPlayer and the Videos app on my iPhone 4. My ears and the white earbuds that came with the iPhone aren’t sensitive enough to hear the difference, but if you have a Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 or 7.1 receiver with the right setup I’m guessing the surround sound coming out of CineXPlayer will be significantly better than the receiver having to go virtual surround with the stereo sound out of the stock Videos app in iOS 5.

If you’re serious about integrating the iPhone or iPad into your surround sound AV system the US$2.99 investment for CineXPlayer 2.5, the only iOS app that has support for AC3 including Dolby Digital Plus 5.1/7.1, is a no-brainer.