Inkjet Printed OLED Control Circuit

Jennifer Marcus, UCLA Newsroom:

Now, researchers from Aneeve Nanotechnologies, a startup company at UCLA’s on-campus technology incubator at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), have used low-cost ink-jet printing to fabricate the first circuits composed of fully printed back-gated and top-gated carbon nanotube–based electronics for use with OLED displays. The research was published this month in the journal Nano Letters.

Instead of requiring expensive vacuum deposition equipment inkjet printed OLED circuitry can make use of roll-to-roll printing, on plastic.

Associate adjunct professor of materials science at UCLA Engineering and a co-founder of Aneeve, Kos Galatsis:

This is the first practical demonstration of carbon nanotube–based printed circuits for display backplane applications. We have demonstrated carbon nanotubes’ viable candidacy as a competing technology alongside amorphous silicon and metal-oxide semiconductor solution as a low-cost and scalable backplane option.