Samsung: Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD


The Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel detects reflected images of an object on the panel using Infrared sensors that are built into the panel. With optical sensor in each pixel of the panel, the new panel can much more accurately assess touch sensitivity compared to existing touch panels.

Using next-generation image sensing technology, the Optical Sensor in Pixel panel can detect more than 50 touch points simultaneously and can display images with Full HD resolution and wide-angle viewing.

Samsung has commenced mass production of 40-inch LCDs with Optical Sensor in Pixel. Think huge iPads, or should I say Galaxy Tabs, in hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.

Update: According to Adi Robertson, The Verge, this 40-inch Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD will reportedly be integrated into the upcoming Surface SUR40 codeveloped by Microsoft and Samsung.