PC v. Smartphone: App Development Less Dependent on Units

via Julian Yap. Stepehen Shankland, CNET, misquoted Eric Schmidt. What Schmidt actually said:

Whether you like ICS or not, and again I like it a great deal, you will want to develop for that platform, and perhaps even first.

John Gruber:

I can’t see any way to read his remarks other than as an acknowledgement that Android is widely disliked by developers, and that he doesn’t mind this because he doesn’t think it matters. Numbers are all that matter. If Android is shipping on the most handsets then Android is winning, period.

Anil Dash made a good point: “[…] Symbian has the biggest numbers.” The number one smartphone operating system at the moment is Symbian. Even when Symbian was growing app development never came close to reaching what we see with iOS. App development in the smartphone market is unlike app development in the PC market; it’s not that units don’t matter at all, it’s that units matter quite a bit less. It seems Schmidt assumes app development for smartphones will be like how it was with the Windows/Intel monopoly, incorrectly.