HP Takes webOS From Apple-like to Google-like

via The Verge. HP CEO Meg Whitman:

So we will keep the core group of employees together – those who want to sign up for this new vision. Admittedly, this is a different vision than webOS had for themselves. That was more akin to a closed-loop system, more like Apple in many ways, and now we’re going to an open system. So we will keep the core group together, there will be leadership as there has been, and HP will continue to invest in this. The exact organizational structure we do not know yet — we’ve looked at Mozilla, Hadoop, Red Hat, and we want to think through that. Many of those models have been successful, we may come up with an alternative model on how we want to organize this. But there will be a dedicated team of resources to this, with the first backer being HP.

Whitman shared HP will be making new hardware based on webOS: no smartphones, but tablets. So HP goes from a fully integrated business structure like Apple to something like Google where it has the operating system, open sources it, and makes its own hardware (indirectly using its Motorola brand).

Update: Matt Gemmell:

Want to know what happens when you make an operating system open? The same thing as when you leave your car open: sooner or later, it ends up smelling like a urinal.