The Samsung Galaxy S Has No Soul.

Andrew Kim:

The Samsung Galaxy S is clearly an imitation of the iPhone/iPod. It doesn’t express anything. It’s the difference between the The Hofmeister kink on the Accord and a 3 series.

I had to look up "The Hofmeister Kink". Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S and the Apple iPhone 3G/3GS:

Case in point. These phones are extremely similar. I think it’s dangerous for people to not demand more. The excuse that a phone and tablet can "only" look like Apple products have created a market with no character. There is no soul in the Galaxy S.

I agree, Samsung has shortchanged itself; it took the less difficult route and copied Apple. The two companies continue to battle in court, but Samsung has already lost when those who know design, like Andrew Kim, see through all the legal bullcrap and declare the Samsung Galaxy S a soul-less imitation of the iPhone.