Definition of "Apple Fanboy"

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop:

[…] someone that appreciates quality design and workmanship […]

Read Dalrymple’s entire definition; it’s quite good.

Update: I assume Dalrymple’s definition of fanboy wasn’t the one Brooke Crothers was going by when he wrote:

Take the blog Daring Fireball. It offers some solid analysis. But in the end it’s a fanboi site, assailing the misinformed or pointing out how wrong or disliked the Android competition is. That kind of attitude gets in the way of informed insight.

Though he seemed to have misspelled the word.

Update: Macalope:

Crothers, it should be noted, famously declared that the iPad had "met its match in the [HP] TouchPad". If this is the analysis that a supposed lack of bias brings, give the Macalope bias every time.

Look, it’s not hard to see the Macalope’s bias, given that he has a head shaped like a Mac Classic. It’s a little harder to tell what Crothers’s bias is, but right now it seems to be the need to find equivalencies where none exist.

A lot of people thought the TouchPad was the best tablet to go head on against the iPad. Before it started shipping and getting in people’s hands. The TouchPad had a few niggles, a two-second screen rotation time for instance. Between Crothers’s article and the day the TouchPad started shipping all major reviewers thought it less than a worthy competitor to the iPad. And the only reason why Crothers wrote his ludicrous article is because HP decided to get out of the webOS hardware business, slashed the price of the 8GB TouchPad to US$99, and saw them sellout like gangbusters. HP lost a boatload of money and Crothers to this day continue losing his credibility.