Global Gadget Fatigue

Steve Lohr, The New York Times:

Underwriters Laboratories, the venerable nonprofit product testing and certification organization, issued a study last week that found about half of consumers, 48 percent, "feel high-tech manufacturers bring new products to market faster than people need them."

I can understand the fatigue that goes along with having to keep up to date on all the latest gadgets, if that’s your job. If that’s not part of what you do to make a living, then I’d recommend just ignoring the smartphone of the month, the ultrabooks, this tablet that tablet. Just ignore all of them until you’re absolutely in need of one. I’ve been happily using my 17-inch MacBook Pro since 2009 and don’t foresee needing another notebook for quite some time. I do try to keep up with all the latest gadgets; that’s part of what I do for a living, but I don’t get fatigued much because most of the stuff I ignore: about 80% of the stuff high-tech companies make are junk, a waste of your money, and a waste of your time.