Flex Lighting Illuminated Optical Film For E Ink Displays & LCDs

FLEx Lighting:

FLEx’s Edge Lighting system creates an illuminated film for crystal clear front lighting of e-readers and efficient back lighting for LCD screens.

A 50-micron thick optical film is lighted by LEDs and can be used in front of E Ink displays or as a backlight for LCDs.

FLEx Lighting uses up to 40% fewer LEDs than direct and edge lighting and does not require a light-mixing region. This results in the least expensive and most compact LED lighting technology available.

The FLEx illuminated optical film has some significant benefits. First it’s thin, so expect future LCDs that use FLEx to get even thinner. Second it’s flexible and can be integrated with flexible front and backplane substrates. Third it consumes considerably less power than direct-lit or edge-lit backlighting solutions. Cool stuff. I’d also like to see illuminated windows.