Pong Research iPad Case: Lower SAR, Improve 3G Power

Jon Philips:

[…] it’s made of a durable Lexan material that’s soft to the touch, and looks nearly as smart as leather. This isn’t a gaudy case. It reeks of purpose-built seriousness befitting Pong’s intentions. And the case not only seats the iPad 2 with a firm grip, it also includes a unique folding cover that can be be arranged in a variety of stand configurations.

But when push comes to shove, you wouldn’t spend $100 for aesthetics and a clever kickstand. You would buy the Pong case because you’re concerned about radiation exposure, and want to ensure you’re getting every bit of 3G power your iPad can muster.

I worry about radiation exposure and that’s why the computers in my home are connected to the Internet via Ethernet cables. Cables are not pretty but they are faster and more secure than wireless. There is one additional advantage: almost zero radiation exposure. The next step is to figure out a way to be reachable, but not need a cell phone. I’m not sure if this is possible, but I continue in my search. But not everyone who is worried about wireless radiation can or is willing to go without WiFi or 3G.

That’s where Pong Research comes in with its iPad 3G case, which reduces SAR levels and at the same time improves 3G power. The good folks at Pong Research is innovating in the right direction. Pong’s claims were confirmed by Cetecom, a FCC compliance testing outfit in Milpitas, Cali. A naked iPad 3G emits about 1.44 milliwatts per gram (mW/g); in a Pong case the SAR level drops to 0.445. And 3G power goes from 22.4 dBm to 16.4 in a regular case that trips the proximity sensor; the iPad runs at full power in a Pong case. If you’re worried about radiation exposure but can’t live without wireless Internet connectivity I recommend taking a serious look at cases by Pong Research.