iPhone 4S: One Of 2011’s Biggest Consumer Letdowns

via John Gruber. Taylor Hatmaker:

While it’s no flop when it comes to sales figures, the iPhone 4S remains one of 2011’s biggest consumer letdowns.

I had to look up the word ‘letdown’ just to make sure I understood this correctly. Letdown is defined in the built-in New Oxford American Dictionary as: “a disappointment or a feeling of disappointment”. So Hatmaker thinks the iPhone 4S is one of the biggest consumer disappointments of 2011. Hmm…

Maybe this disappointment is of the type when Apple falls short of analyst expectations, "the pulled-out-of-thin-air consensus" expectations. It must be; Hatmaker all but confirms it:

Apple’s newest iteration of the iPhone is certainly nothing to sneeze at — it’s still one of the fastest, best-looking smartphones on the block — but it’s no iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 that does not exist except in the excessively imaginative minds of Apple experts.