IPS Tablet Display Comparison: #1 Nook Tablet, #2 iPad 2, #3 Kindle Fire

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira:

There is no absolute winner for this Display Shoot-Out because all 3 Tablets were both winners and losers in some categories, which is interesting in and of itself. In most categories the 3 displays were reasonably close in their lab test performance, which again is interesting, but perhaps not that surprising since they are all IPS LCDs. But the Nook Tablet was the leader in more categories – both in the lab tests and the viewing tests – so it is the declared winner in overall display performance and picture quality, at least for this round…

The iPad 2 also has an excellent display and is very close in performance to the winner. What is impressive is that the iPad 2 is still delivering top display performance close to what many predict is the end of its product cycle, with lots of interesting predictions for its next generation.

The Amazon Kindle Fire came in with a decidedly last place finish behind the Nook Tablet and iPad 2.

Lots of test results including: screen reflection, brightness, contrast, color temperature, and viewing angles. The iPad 2’s Achilles’ heel is the low resolution of 132 ppi. Both the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire sport a resolution that’s almost 30% higher at 169 ppi. Text rendering on both generations of the iPad is visibly poor, especially after getting a taste of the iPhone 4, and is the main reason why I’m waiting for the next one and hoping it sports the oft-rumored 9.7-inch 2048×1536 Retina Display. Kudos to the fine folks at Barnes & Noble for demanding only the best display be used on its Nook Tablet.