LG DM92 Series: 27-inch IPS Monitor TV


The DM92 series showcases a premium design by employing the slim bezel of LG’s technology- and design-driven CINEMA SCREEN whose aesthetic superiority is accompanied by the lustrous chrome stand. Through the monitor TV’s attractive 27-inch display, users can access files on their PC, play games or simply kick back and watch their favorite TV shows. The DM92 series is also optimized for enjoying exciting 3D content. By incorporating an IPS panel, the DM92 series enables greater depth, consistent color and brightness at wider viewing angles compared with conventional 3D displays.

I wanted to attach a photo of the DM92 Series but the good folks at LG decided it wasn’t all that tacky to tape a picture on the monitor to show its 3D-ness. The picture? A moto racer, with a 3D logo on the helmet. Then there’s, of all things, flowers shown on the opposing display. Thankfully not a taped cutout. And finally there is a pretty girl in a pink-beige one piece. A total visual mishmash and its hurting my eyes.

Getting back to the DM92. The “lustrous chrome stand”. Yes, the thing we look for in a high-end monitor is the stand. And it must be made of expensive-looking material, like chrome. Then there’s the contrast: shiny chrome to the matte aluminum colored chassis. Looks to me the result of a consortium of designers with a dash of opinion sprinkled on by some high-ranking executive who has absolutely no eye for good design.

Not everything is terrible though. The 1-mm bezel thickness on the top and sides are not bad. One millimeter is really thin, but isn’t the goal to somehow get rid of the bezel? It looks to me LG wanted to show off that thin bezel: “Look how thin our bezel is! Take a close look! Isn’t it really thin? Amazing, isn’t it?”

The goal is to visually hide the bezel and with bezels that thin it would have been easy: A cover glass would have done the trick. Optically laminate the cover glass to the brilliant 27-inch IPS LCD underneath and viola! the bezel is now gone. The DM92 Series could have looked so much better…