No Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Galaxy S

Vlad Savov, The Verge:

Earlier today, Samsung revealed that it won’t update the Galaxy S, its most successful smartphone to date, to the latest version of Android. […] I take grave issue with it. This is a decision based not on technical constraints, as Samsung would have you believe, but on hubris.

Samsung shipped almost 20 million Galaxy S phones and that means there are almost as many pissed off customers.

Update: An alternative view by Matthew Panzarino, The Next Web:

The problem isn’t Samsung, it’s systemic to Android as a whole. The makers of Android hardware see little benefit in updating even devices that are less than a year old. And, though I think it’s a punk move, I don’t blame them. There is little to no return to be had.

Though that may be true, that this is a systematic Android problem, by not taking care of its current customers there will be “little to no” customers who return to Samsung for another round of getting screwed.

Update 2: John Gruber:

One company clearly has more respect for its customers; that company is also clearly more successful. If you don’t see the connection, go ahead and keep your head in the sand.