My Social Network

via Ben Brooks. Justin Williams, carpeaqua:

I consider this site to be the landing ground for everything that I consider most important. I publish the content I care most about here because I own every pixel of the experience. It is also a great launchpad to push fine readers like yourself to other areas of the Internet that I frequent or want to share.

Someone said to write the blog you’d like to read. Or was it for books. Anyway, another someone said to always think of an ideal reader when you’re writing.

Since hearing those wise suggestions, I’ve focused on writing stuff on DisplayBlog I’d like to read. I put up photos I’d like to see, and videos I’d like to watch. There are times when my head gets in the way and nudges me to write about something someone else might be interested in, but my heart wins, most of the time.

And I write as if I’m talking to myself. That might engender some sort of psychological instability in the long run, so I may need to change my ideal conversational partner to someone who is more pleasant to talk to, but that’s how I’m writing now, on my social network.