One Million Kindles Per Week In December


Throughout December, customers purchased well over 1 million Kindle devices per week.

December isn’t over yet, but assuming the one million per week rate continues throughout the last week of December we’re looking at four million Kindles sold. Marco Arment counts a total of 10 Kindle models. To be the best selling Kindle out of those 10 models the sales number for the Kindle Fire for the month of December will have to be at least 400,001. David Smith estimates that number at 780,000 per week or 3.12 million for the month. I wonder why Amazon doesn’t just come out and say how many Kindle Fires it sold.

MG Siegler:

I view the Kindle Fire and the iPad as different devices and so do many people. But as tablets, they’re inevitably going to be compared. And I think it’s fair to think that many people bought one instead of the other this holiday season. With that in mind, Amazon probably wouldn’t want to release concrete numbers that get blown away by a competitor. Especially when the competitor is selling their device for $300 more.


Assuming the sales bump the iPad got last Christmas, where sales were 75% higher than the preceding quarter, Apple may be selling as many as 1,600,000/week right now.

Maybe that’s why Amazon isn’t saying.