Comments Still Off

Matt Gemmell:

Just over a month ago, I switched comments off for this blog. I wanted to post a very brief follow-up on that decision.

In a nutshell, it was definitely the right move.

Gemmell lists several benefits, which I’ve also experienced since turning off comments a while back.

Update: via Stephen Hackett. Cody Fink:

Commenting leaves a lot of baggage that we simply don’t have the time maintain, and that’s not a good thing for us or our readers. Instead of putting readers in danger by failing to moderate a malicious link, or failing to moderate an offensive opinion, we’re simply going to remove comments and leave commenters the choice of using Twitter or their personal blogs to write informed and well spoken opinions that our comments section doesn’t provide room for. The answer isn’t as simple as, “We don’t like comments.” There are a lot of reasons behind why we’ve reached our decision, and we hope our contribution to the discussion provides an ample explanation for when we eventually remove the feature.

Part of my M&P (Mission & Purpose) for DisplayBlog entails I focus most of my time curating and writing, about displays, photography, design and other stuff I’m interested in. Not moderating.

Update 2: Brent Simmons:

I see my blog that way: it’s one place on the web, the place where I write. It’s one leaf on a tree. It doesn’t have to contain everything. These days there are so many ways and places to comment — so many other tools — that including comments here would be Emacs-like.