Sony Tablet P

Mat Smith, Engadget:

Viewing angles are passable, although in comparison to the PlayStation Vita, possibly the pinnacle of Sony’s portable screen technology so far, they’re certainly not the greatest. There’s a blueish hue given off by the screens at indirect angles. Fortunately, by the sheer virtue of it the clamshell, you don’t have to fear that the (non-Gorilla Glass) screen will come to much harm […]

Flat. If the incredible designers at Sony made the Sony Tablet P flat, it would have been much much better. Unfortunately the rounded look just isn’t for me.

There are two 5.5-inch TruBlack LCDs with each packing a 1024×480 pixel format. In all you get 1024×960. Impressive, but using both displays as a single large one will require some getting used to. The bezel that separates the two is rather thick. A better way to make use of those two screens is separately. For instance, if I was in writing mode I’d put the source materials on top (left) and WordPress below (right). But only as a concept, because I don’t think you can actually do that.

What makes the Sony Tablet P special is the dual-screen display. And what dooms it is you can’t make good use of them. The price is hefty, too: £500 (about US$800).