The E-Reader Is Doomed

Matt Alexander at The Loop thinks e-readers are doomed. Marco Arment disagrees:

[…] the best e-reader on the market today costs $79, weighs less than a third as much as an iPad 2, and has a battery that lasts a month. That’s a huge gap that won’t be filled with incremental hardware improvements.

Porsche purists were dumbfounded when the company announced the Cayenne, a SUV. Then they were flabbergasted with the Panamera, a four-door sedan. These two adulterated vehicles ended up being big sellers. Good for Porsche. When I ask the question, “In one sentence, what does Porsche stand for?” all I had to do before was point at the 911. Now, I have no idea. And from what I can tell there are far better SUVs and four-door sedans out there.

Similarly, E Ink display technology is moving toward color. Once color is introduced as a competitive spec, E Ink will find itself face to face with two superstar display technologies: LCD and OLED. And at that point E Ink is doomed.