Is Samsung Really Copying Apple?

John Brownlee:

Samsung’s devices look like Apple’s. Their advertising looks like Apple’s. Their packaging looks like Apple’s. Their accessories look like Apple’s. Their software looks like Apple’s. Heck, even their USB chargers and cable connectors look like Apple’s!

If you’ve got no balls to try and do it better than Apple, the only alternative is to copy like a sissy.

Update: This just in via John Gruber: Galaxy Tab USB & SD Connection Kit, an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit replica, in black.

Update 2: Dan Lyon:

Gruber and people like him really believe that Samsung just sits around making copies of Apple products. In their view, Apple is the fountain from which all creativity flows, and Samsung just follows behind, stealing their ideas.

John Gruber responds:

Really? This is where Dan Lyons wants to go? That Samsung doesn’t copy Apple? That “Apple fanboys” simply claim that they do as a knee-jerk response to Samsung’s undeniable success in the smartphone market? Never mind all these remarkable similarities in packaging and product design, or the Apple app icons Samsung put in a store kiosk — it’s all just a big coincidence? It boggles the mind.

Update 3: Jim Dalrymple:

These are things they don’t want to blatantly copy, but because they want to keep up with Apple, they blatantly copy them anyway.

Update 4: Matt Deatherage:

Dan Lyons and people like him really believe that Apple just sits around, inventing absolutely nothing, selling overpriced shiny baubles. In their view, all technology is the same, and Apple just makes products whose ideas are all entirely obvious […]