Kettle Teapot by Norm Architects

via Tina Roth Eisenberg. Gessato:

The Kettle Teapot, designed by Norm Architects blends Asian Zen philosophy with modern Scandinavian design. Made of clear glass, which allows you to see the brewing process this unique tea pot also comes with a built-in tea steeper made of stainless steel and attaches to the lid with a silicon “string.” When your tea is done brewing, pull the steeper up and secure it to the inside of the lid, creating an easy, and no mess way to brew tea.

Priced at US$79. For too many years I gulped down precious money at Starbucks. I’ve heard from many who claimed coffee from McDonald’s was just as good, so in 2010 I started to drink McD’s coffee and it wasn’t too bad. And I liked the price: 99¢. I think 2011 was the year I drank more coffee from McD than from Starbucks. 2011 was also the year I moved away from McD to to an even more affordable option: buying ground coffee.

Ground coffee is definitely cheaper, but I have a feeling because it was too easy I ended up drinking more. Most days I would have two huge cups. I felt I needed that much because a few hours after drinking a cup I would feel lethargic again. When the last bag was gone, instead of getting more, I decided I would stop drinking coffee on a regular basis.

This was around October. Since then I’ve been drinking tea. Because I was so used to using the coffee maker instead of ground coffee I put in an assortment of tea bags into the metal filter. That was quite convenient. In just a few minutes, a hot pot of brewed tea is ready, and enjoyed the entire day. But something happened, something always does. For some reason the water reservoir inside the coffee maker got really messy. To this day I haven’t been able to figure out how that happened. So I stopped making ‘instant’ tea and now I just use it to heat up water.

I’ve begun to like tea quite a bit. Sometimes I drink it with milk and sugar. Other times with just honey. And at times just the tea. Tea is cheaper than coffee by a good margin. The fact that I use the tea bag four or five times probably makes that all the more true. And tea is healthy. The spike and fall of energy from coffee isn’t there; it’s more gradual. A good thing.

With tea a regularly part of my daily routine I couldn’t help but notice the Kettle Teapot. The simple-to-use and all glass minimalist design is quite tempting, but I’m content with my current setup: coffee maker, water, tea bag, and cup.