Samsung Confident of Outselling Nokia in 2012

Miyoung Kim, Reuters:

Samsung chief executive Choi Gee-sung told reporters in Las Vegas on Monday the company overtook Nokia in revenue terms in its latest reported quarter and was confident of topping the Finnish group in shipments this year.

2011 results are expected to be: 418 million v. 320 million. Advantage Nokia.

Update: Jean-Louis Gassée on Samsung:

This leaves us with the potential for an interesting face-off. Not Samsung vs Motorola/HTC, but…Samsung vs. Google. As Erik Sherman observes in his CBS MoneyWatch post, since Samsung ships close to 55% of all Android phones, the company could be in a position to twist Google’s arm. If last quarter’s trend continues—if Motorola and HTC lose even more ground—Samsung’s bargaining position will become even stronger.