The Hell With Look And Feel

via John Gruber. David H. Freedman, Discover:

Technology and lovely design are now inseparable, and Jobs can take much of the credit. I used to see Apple’s devoted fans as cultish, but now I’m the one who’s left in a cult: the shrinking cult of technophiles who want stuff that above all works well, solves problems, and delivers real value, and the hell with look and feel. I sound paleontological even saying it.

I thought maybe this article was written a while ago. Because it was a long time ago, up until mid-1998, when Apple made overpriced products that didn’t work well, and subscribed to a paleontological world view that led to products that looked like hell.

Update: Enrique Allen created the Designer Fund, a fund specializing in designer founders. Look and feel is becoming even more important in developing products that works really well, for people, who see things and feel things.