Gartner: Preliminary U.S. PC Brand Unit Shipment Q4’11 Estimates


HP maintained the No. 1 position in the U.S. PC market in the fourth quarter of 2011, but Dell gained ground as HP lost substantial market share in the quarter. Apple enjoyed the strongest growth among the top five vendors. Lenovo’s U.S. PC shipments grew 40 percent year-over-year, but its shipment volume was not enough to squeeze into the top five ranking (it was in the sixth position).

The numbers (Q4’10 market share → Q4’11 market share, Y/Y growth):

  1. HP: 29.4& → 23.1%, down 26.1%
  2. Dell: 22.1% → 22.4%, down 4.5%
  3. Apple: 9.0% → 11.6%, up 20.7%
  4. Toshiba: 10.3% → 10.7%, down 2.2%
  5. Acer: 10.4% → 9.8%, down 11.4%

Others grew 12.0% Y/Y from 18.8% to 22.4% in Q4’11. To be more precise, among the top five Apple was the only brand to enjoy Y/Y growth. Without knowing Lenovo’s numbers I can’t be certain, but at the current growth rate, it might be just a quarter or two before Lenovo climbs into the top five.

Update: IDC reported similar numbers.